Salem Wax Museum



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The Salem Witch Village

A guided tour concerning the myth versus the reality of witchcraft in both the ancient and modern world. Your tour guide, who is also a practicing witch, will take you through our indoor maze and demonstrate scenes that mark important landmarks in Witchcraft history. The tour discusses the origin of stereotypes such as devil worship, flying on brooms and black cats, different persecution periods such as the Salem Witch Trials and the Burning Times of Europe as well clarifies what it really means to be a witch today

The Salem Witch Village boasts a unique and expansive gift shop. From authentic Pagan & wiccan supplies to New England confectionaries. Also available are a variety of souvenirs, books, curios and a original T-shirts.

Across the street to the Salem Witch Village is the original SalemWax Museum and the Old Burial Point, reputed to be the second oldest burial ground in the country and open to visitors. Interred within are some of the notables of Salem's history including some of those featured in our Wax Museum collection! Adjacent to the Old Burying Point is the Witch Trials Memorial erected in memory of the victims of the Hysteria of 1692, also open to visitors.

Handicapped Access: The Salem Witch Village is handicapped accessible.

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